Sqribble Review 2020: Is it Really Worth the Money?

Here’s the Most Honest Sqribble Review. This Post will help you understand this product in a lot better way.

We’ll be covering almost everything about Sqribble, the Pros, and Cons, How to Use it, How to get discounts, etc. You will also learn How to Make Money using Sqribble.

Here’s a quick list of topics we’ll be covering in this post.

Let’s Begin.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is an online ebook creator software that works on a cloud platform. It lets you create tons of professional Ebooks within a few seconds. Not only ebooks, but you can also create flip-books, reports, and other digital formats quickly.

It is something that quickly grabs your attention because of its Ultimate features that not other ebook creator offers in the marketer.

For Content, You can simply put the URL, Text File, or even write it yourself from the scratch. This is by far the best feature of using Sqribble.

Pros and Cons

At this point in the Sqribble Review, we will discuss some Pros and Cons.

Sqribble Pros

1. 50 Pre Made Templates

Sqribble actually comes up with 50 Pre Made ebook templates within 15 Broad Categories. You can easily choose your favorite design and get your ebook in a Single Click. It also has more than 300 Style Layouts to improve your content in a lot better way.

2. Ease of Content

Sqribble is a bit different when it comes to adding content to your book. Its advanced technology actually allows you to add content from different sources that make your work a lot easier. You can put the URL of the Page from which you want to import content, Paste It directly from a Text Document, or Even Write yourself From the Scratch.

3. Results Within Seconds

You can actually create an ebook of unlimited pages that will hardly take 3 to 60 Seconds of your time, based on the number of pages. This feature of Sqribble actually saves you Time and Effort both.

4. Commercial Licence

Unlike other platforms, Sqribble lets you own the real owner of the design. It does not add it’s logo or branding anywhere on the ebook, making it easier for you to sell. You can easily sell your designs to agencies, business owners, bloggers, marketers, etc at profit.

5. Free Agency Website

Another Good thing about Sqribble is that it offers its customers a Free Agency Website that helps you in getting Clients. You can use that website to attract Clients and Work. On the website, you can showcase your portfolio which will automatically attract clients from all over the world.

6. Saves you Money

The average cost of building an ebook ranges from $400 to even $1000 that includes the cost of Content, Designing, Customization, etc. You can actually save a lot of money with Sqribble and even start selling your own services online.

7. Sqribble Trainings

Once you log in to the Dashboard, you can visit their Specia Training Section where you can learn How to Use the Platform. They share all the tips and tricks for the users like you. This feature does not comes up with other similar products.

Sqribble Cons

1. Average Support

The support feature isn’t that great. Even though the software is really easy to use and access but a Good Customer Support would have added Moon to the Product. For any queries, you can simply email them and they will surely help you out.

2. Fewer Features in Basic Plan

With the basic plans that you miss out some really great features like, Flip Book, 3-D Cover Design, etc. Although You can buy their upsells that adds up some really cool features to your account.

Key Features

  • It Automatically Creates a Table Of Content Page for the book.
  • You can add your customized Headers and Footers to every page.
  • Automatic Page Alignments.
  • You can choose from 300+ Google Fonts.
  • Create your own design from Scratch using Drag and Drop Feature.
  • Easy Content Upload and Edit.
  • Automatically add the Page Numberings.
  • You can create an ebook of Unlimited pages.
  • You also get a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

This Youtube Video Will Help you understand the product in a better way.

How to Create an Rbook With Sqribble?

Sqribble is a Great Handy tool to create Highly Customizable Professional Ebooks within a Few Clicks. In this section, you will learn How to Create an Ebook step-by-step.

Step 1. Buy Sqribble

The First Step is to buy Sqribble. You can simply click the button below and Visit Sqribble.com to make a purchase. They are also offering a Special Discount for a Limited Time.

Step 2. Choose Your Template

Once you have made the purchase, it will take you to the Dashboard. On the Dashboard, you can choose your Favourite template out of 50 Pre-Made Professional Designs summed up from 15 Different Categories. You can choose your design and it will take you to the next window.

Step 3. Add Your Content

Now, It’s time for you to add Content to your ebook (it’s Really Easy). You can import your content from a Blog Post, Document, PDF, or even start writing from scratch. Once, your content is ready and uploaded, you just have to click on Create. It will hardly take 3 to 10 Seconds (based on the Content-Length) and you will have access to the file.

How to Make Money Using Sqribble?

By the time, you are well aware of the product. And Now, In this section of Sqribble Review, you will learn How to Make Money Selling Ebooks using Sqribble.

This is by far the favorite section for me because I will be sharing some of the best strategies that can make you really good money.

1. Start Selling ebook Designs

You can simply List out your gigs on Freelancing Websites Like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. and start selling ebook designs.

Sqribble Ebook Design
Sqribble Ebook Design

You can check out that people are charging from $15 to even $470 for ebook design. Sqribble can be a wonderful partner to help you get this work done.

2. Sell Your Skills

Ebooks are one of the best Digital Product ideas that sells great. If you are and expert in any field, then you can write and publish your own ebook using Sqribble.

Sqribble Review: Create and Sell Ebooks on Gumroad

Your ebook can range from $5 to $100 based upon the values you are offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sqribble Worth the Money?

The basic plan gives you access to 50 Templates with which you can create unlimited ebooks of unlimited pages. With this I can totally say that it’s worth the money you are spending. For more features you can definitely upgrade your plan.

How Does Sqribble Work?

It works on a Cloud Based Platform that lets you create some really attractive Ebooks. You can get your designs ready with just a single click and a few seconds. By far it’s the best online ebook creator made for beginners like you and me.

What software should I use to write an eBook?

If you are a beginner who is just starting out to write and ebook than Sqribble is made for you. You can get unlimited ebooks that are highly customizable with drag and drop designs.

How do you prepare an eBook for publishing?

You can Prepare an ebook in just 30 Seconds using Sqribble. It lets you add content directly from the URL or Doc File and Creates and ebook based on your chosen Template.

With the end of this Sqribble Review, I am sure that you know whats right for you.

If you are really looking forward to create some powerful ebooks that actually makes you Money or Leads then you can definitely try this software.


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