Dreamhost Review 2020: Is it Really Worth For Beginners?

Today, This Dreamhost Review will help you in taking a Strong Decision about buying an Hosting for your Website or Blog.

I am personally using Dreamhost from last one year and I’ll be sharing my personal experience of Getting Started and Using this Oldest, Trusted and Cheapest Hosting Company.

Let me give you a Short and Crisp Summary about Dreamhost.

Dreamhost Hosting Review Summary

DreamHost Homepage

Dreamhost is the oldest and most trusted website hosting company. It is hosting more than 1.5 Million Websites since 1997. This number and time is a big achievement for a web hosting company. It is the only company that guarantees 100% Up-time and Fastest page Load Speed.

Also, the price range of Dreamhost is very less in comparison to the competitors. Dreamhost is a powerful and feature-rich web hosting company that can definitely hold your website without any problem. You might have not heard the name of Dreamhost but it is very popular amongst the Marketers and Developers.

Over the long patch of 25 years, their performance has never degraded. Instead, they have moved towards Green Hosting. With this step, they are focusing on saving the environment and improving the working experience of their employees. No doubt, Dreamhost has won millions of hearts with its service and hosting.

WordPress officially recommends users to use Dreamhost. With this, you can easily calculate the position of the company.

Key Features

DreamHost Feature
DreamHost Feature

In this Dreamhost review, it’s time to know about the Key Features of Using this Website Hosting for your Website or a blog.

  • Cheapest and Oldest Website Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • 94-Days MoneyBack Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Email Hosting with Unlimited Plan
  • Free Automatic WordPress Migration
  • Free Website Creator

Who Should Get DreamHost?​

This Site (BestSoftwareService) is Using DreamHost’s WordPress Hosting Itself and by far never saw any problem. DreamHost is a perfect web hosting company made for beginners. If you are new to the website world than DreamHost can get you the results you want.

This is a perfect website hosting company for Bloggers, Developers, Marketers, and Small Business Owners. If you are one of them, then this company will fulfill all your dreams. In the market, DreamHost is offering almost every feature at the cheapest price possible. Even with the cheapest plan, you get a Free Domain Name for one year along with FREE Site Migration.

Why DreamHost is Made For you?

DreamHost is a feature-rich web hosting company that offers almost everything you need to run a website. You can install WordPress on your website with a single click. Also, the best part is that they don’t measure your traffic and bandwidth. This means you can drive as much traffic you want.

If you buy their unlimited plan, you can host unlimited Email Addresses @ your domain name. Earlier, they used to charge $99 for website transfer. Now, they have made this completely Free. You can save up to 63% on the purchase of 3 Years Website Hosting. This purchase will be a complete value for money.

Dreamhost Pros

DreamHost Key Takeaways

Here is the list of 6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Using Dreamhost Hosting.

1. 25 Years Experience

Websites Running
Websites Running

Dreamhost is working and improving their service since 1996 and now proudly hosts more than 1.5 Million Websites. You can definitely buy their hosting service.

2. You get a FREE Domain Name

Dreamhost offers you a Free Domain Name for the first year with the purchase of any website hosting. You can choose your favorite domain name with extensions like .com, .in, etc.

3. Unmetered Bandwidth and Traffic

Dreamhost doesn’t measure your traffic and bandwidth. This lets you drive tons of traffic without any problem. You can drive as much traffic you want.

4. Free Automated WordPress Migration

Earlier, the company used to charge $99 to transfer a website. But, now they have made this service Free. All that you have to do is install a plugin and enter the migration key. This will transfer all your website’s data to Dreamhost.

5. Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates build trust in your audience’s eye by adding a secure green icon near your website’s URL. It offers SSL Certificates with each and every web hosting service. You can install your certificate within a few clicks and secure your website.

6. One-Click WordPress Install

It offers you to install WordPress within a single click. You can log in to your new website with literally 3 to 5 Minutes. This is the best feature for beginners.

Dreamhost Cons

Here is the list of 2 Main Reasons You’ll prefer some other Hosting over Dreamhost.

1. Limited Live Support

Dreamhost’s live support isn’t that great. For any problem, you can write them an email and they will contact you back. Else, they have created a complete knowledge base and support section for new customers. They have answers to almost everything you need as a customer.

2. Tricky For Cpanel Users

DreamHost has its own Dashboard. For Cpanel users, it might be a little tricky to use the hosting. You can Freely Access their Knowledgebase and easily learn their Dashboard.

Dreamhost In-Depth Hosting Review

Now going into an in-depth Dreamhost Review.

It has almost everything you need in a Hosting Company. It includes Shared Website Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting. Also, You can also register your favorite Domain from DreamHost portal only. As a welcome gift, they offer a FREE Domain Name on the purchase of any Annual Hosting.

DreamHost also has Email Hosting. You can easily host your reliable Email @ Domain. DreamHost has also stepped into a Website Builder that helps you design your favorite WordPress website within a few clicks. DreamHost has tons of features like Custom Control Panel, One-Click WordPress Install, 100% Uptime Guarantee, Fast SSD storage.

Wordpress Hosting

For WordPress users, they have really powerful features that make your WordPress experience a lot better.

  • You can install WordPress with just one click and your login credentials will be sent directly to your email.
  • Dreamhost offers you Automatic WordPress updates that help you improve User experience.
  • With every purchase, you get access to a FREE SSL Certificate that ensures the safety and secure your website.
  • You don’t have to Pay for Privacy Protection, it automatically safeguards your personal information and saves you from attacks.
  • They have their own custom see panel which is really easy to use especially for beginners.

WordPress Basic Plan (Starts at $2.59/Month)

DreamHost’s WordPress Basic Plan is the Cheapest WordPress Hosting Plan. This is the best plan for Beginners, Bloggers, Developers, and Small Business Owners. If you are just starting out in the Blogging and Website Plan, than this plan will suit your work and pocket. 

Wordpress Starter
  • You can Host 1 Website and Get FREE Domain Name.
  • You can Drive Unlimited Traffic along with Unlimited Bandwidth and Fast SSD Storage.
  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • You will get FREE Website Builder and FREE Automated WordPress Migration.

WordPress Unlimited Plan (Starts at $4.95/Month)

Wordpress Unlimited
  • You can Host Unlimited Website and Get FREE Domain Name.
  • You can Have Unlimited Email @ Domain Name for FREE.
  • Drive Unlimited Traffic along with Unlimited Bandwidth and Fast SSD Storage.
  • FREE SSL Certificates for every website.
  • You will get FREE Website Builder and FREE Automated WordPress Migration.
DreamPress Features

DreamPress (Starts at $16.95/Month)

DreamPress by DreamHost is an improved and hassle-free version of WordPress Hosting. If you are looking for an upgraded performance, than make sure you get this plan. This plan has the following premium hosting Features.

  • You get High Performance Hosting with Built-In Caching.
  • It allows Website Staging (Helpful in Testing Different Website Features)
  • You can Migrate Your WordPress SIte For FREE
  • They Offer 24/7 WordPress Expert Support.
VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting (Starts at $10.95/Month)

VPS Hosting by DreamHost is an ultimate combination of everything you need in a single hosting company. It has tons of features, some of them are listed below. 

  • You will get Smooth Performance with 100% Up-Time.
  • It offers 24/7 Expert Support that helps you solve your queries.
  • You will get 20X Fast SSD Storage to make your page load faster.
  • You can host Unlimited Emails @ Domain Name.

This is a Perfect Plan for those who are looking for an Upgrade in Hosting and Performance. This will help you in improving your website’s performance and user experience. Also, this plan will give you 100% Up-time that makes your website load fast.

I hope this Dreamhost Review was helpful to You and it would have helped you in taking the best decision. If you are still confused, then you can refer our another post that has 19 Best WordPress Hosting on the Internet.


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