Best WordPress Plugins For Remarkable Website Growth [2020]

At present, WordPress has tons of Plugins on their server. But, do you really need to install each one of them? No! This post has selected the best WordPress plugin for you.

Before starting, I want to tell you something meaningful. Installing a lot of plugins can really make your site load slow, so select your priority plugins carefully.

How To Install New Plugins to your WordPress Dashboard?

For a newbie WordPress blogger, you can follow the steps to install plugins on your website.

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.

The first step is to visit your Website’s Dashboard. You can visit this by entering “wp-admin” after your domain name. Like, “”. By logging in, you’ll visit your dashboard.

2. Click on Plugins

On the Left Side, click on the Plugins option on the Left Side of the Dashboard.

Wordpress Dashboard

3. Click On Add New

Once you’ll reach Plugins Section. Click on Add New Option.

Add New Plugins

4. Upload or Search your Desired Plugins.

Once you’ll reach the Add New Plugin section. You will have two choices, either upload a plugin in “.zip” or install directly from the WordPress plugin directly.

New Plugin WordPress Dashboard

I have been Blogging for the last three years and have successfully tested tons of WordPress plugins and finally shortlisted the best options for you.

I have categorized all the plugin according to their niche. You can jump off to any category directly.

These are the plugins categories we’ll be talking about.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must Have WordPress Plugins

In this category, I have shortlisted the best and must have WordPress Plugins for a Great Website. These are the plugins, I highly recommend you to install.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plugins

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plugins

In this section, we’ll be covering some of the best plugins for your website’s SEO performance. You’ll know some of the SEO plugins and after this, you’ll be able to choose the best for your website.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is the Best WordPress Plugin for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This plugin does everything efficiently when it comes to the website’s SEO. It has tons of Great Features that can help you get a higher ranking. The Plugin shows the posts and pages Readability and Website Scores, which guide you in creating great content automatically.

This plugin is available in both Free and Paid Version, the paid version obviously has other great features. The Free version pretty much works great until you are a complete SEO Enthusiast for your website.

It is the choice of more than 5 Million Websites. No doubt, that toast’s performance is the best of all competitors. You can actually take a complete idea of How your post is going to perform in the SERP. It allows you to change the Snippet Settings, which helps you in better performance.

Yoast WordPress Plugin Panel

This is How the plugin looks while writing this post only. This actually gives you a complete idea of Optimizing your article for the search engine. You can also edit your Snippet setting for High CTR. The Image is Attached Below.

Yoast Plugin Snippet Settings
Alternatives to Yoast SEO

2. All In One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack is the best alternative to Yoast SEO. It is the Choice of more than 2 Million Websites, which is a great achievement. If by any chance, you don’t like using Yoast, All In One SEO plugin can do the justice.

It is also available in Free and Paid Version. It pretty much resembles with Yoast and gives you the SEO Score in Numbers that help you in better optimizations.

3. Rankmath SEO

Rank Math SEO PLugin

Rankmath SEO is another great SEO Plugin. Although this Plugin is not that popular, it works pretty fine. You can definitely take it in your consideration.

It is a completely Free Plugin.

Page Builders & Text Editors

Page Builders & Text Editors

In this category, we’ll be covering the best WordPress Plugins for page builders and text editors. These plugins actually help in making your website look attractive.

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor is the #1 and most recommended Page Builder Plugin. Even in a Free Version, It offers tons of features that other builders lack behind. You can build really beautiful websites using this plugin. It offers drag and drops features that allow you to design your dream website easily.

Elementor Templates

In fact, this website is made using Elementor Pro and Generatepress. It also has pre-made templates that make your work even easier.

Elementor Plugin Editing Panel

This is How the editing panel looks like. You can add different elements like Headings, Images, Divider, Recent Posts, etc. I recommend using the Pro version since it offers tons of other great features.

Alternatives to Elementor Pro

2. Thrive Architect

Thrive is my other favorite page builder. It works completely fine and can be surely ranked as the #1 Alternative to Elementor. Thrive has almost every feature that Elementor has.

If you are looking for a change, then Thrive Architect is the one you should look for. The only con of this plugin is, it is only available with Premium Thrive Memebership. You’ll have to buy a monthly or annual membership with Thrive. Then you’ll get access to Thrive Architect along with other wonderful Thrive Products.

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Page Builder

Beaver is another top WordPress plugin that works pretty fine. It is one of the best rivalries for Elementor Pro. Both Plugins have pretty much the same features. One major difference is the ease of use. For a beginner, it may seem a bit difficult to operate.

4. Classic Editor

Classic Editor kind of looks similar to Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This plugin adds some great features to your editor. You can create some more beautiful pages and posts for your website.

On this website, I have been using it and loving it. If you love using the WordPress’ Block Editor, then you’ll definitely love this Plugin.

Classic Editor View


Forms Plugins

If you want your audience to contact you for any suggestion or anything else, then you must have a Contact Form. Google has also suggested websites to have Contact Form on their website.

Not only Contact Form, but you can also use the following plugins for creating polls, etc.

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is most probably the best Contact Form WordPress plugin available in the market. Although it doesn’t offer a lot of features, you can create a decent looking form for your audience. It is very easy to create and insert on your page. At present, this plugin is active in more than 5 Million Websites.

Contact Form 7

Once you install the plugin, it automatically creates a basic contact form for you. All that you have to do is Paste the Shortcode on your desired place. This is a perfect plugin for those who don’t like customizations. This website also uses Contact Form 7, you can check that by visiting Contact Us Page.

2. WP Forms

WP Forms is another great plugin for creating wonderful Contact Forms. This is a featureful plugin. With this, you can actually create some good looking mobile responsive contact forms. Also, you can add tons of features like Post Submissions, Geo Location, Surveys & Polls, etc.

Wp Forms Dashboard

It is presently active on more than 2 Million Websites. Wp Forms works with Drag and Drop feature, that makes it a lot easier to build beautiful contact forms. If you want to create contact forms that are full of features, then you must install WP Forms.

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms Homepage

Ninja Forms is another loved WordPress Form Plugin. It also has tons of great features. With Ninja Forms, you can actually create 27+ Field Form. At present, it is activated on more than 1 Million Websites. It offers Fully responsive, SEO, & mobile-friendly with fully customizable Form Templates. Otherwise, It has similar features like WP Forms.

Popups & Conversions Plugins

Now, I’ll be showing you some plugins that will help you in creating Pop-ups. This category will cover plugins that will help your blog in getting higher conversion rates. Pop-Ups actually help you in decreasing the Bounce Rate, which results in getting better rankings.

You can use these plugins for grabbing your audience’s lead or invite them to your Newsletter.

1. Popup Maker

Popup Maker Dashboard

Popup Maker is one of the most popular WordPress popup plugins. With this plugin you can actually create automatic triggered popups to capture leads or to make an announcements. In comparison to its competitions, this plugin has better performance.

You get great features even with the Free version and for more features, you can easily upgrade to its premium version. It automatically connects with the popular contact form plugins like WP Forms or Ninja Forms, which improves it’s functionality easily.

Test Popup_Popup Maker

This is how a Sample Popup Looks Like. You can obviously customize it according to your need.

2. Optin Monster

OptinMonster Homepage

Optin Monster is another great popup builder, also the industry choice plugin. This plugin actually lets you create tons of great popups within few clicks. Optin Moster is one of the most popular popup plugins in the industry.

After you’ll install the plugin, it asks you to authorize your website with its service. Once you authorize your website, it lets you make some great popups.

Social Sharing Plugins

Social Sharing Plugins
Social Media Sharing Button

Social Media is a great way to get traffic to your website. But more importantly, your website should definitely have Social Sharing Icons. These icons let your audience share content on their own social media platforms with just one click.

In this category, we’ll cover different social sharing WordPress plugins available in the market.

1. Add To Any

Add To Any is the best Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugin. This is my favorite personal favorite Plugin. It is easy to integrate and customize. As a beginner also, you can easily integrate this with your website or blog.

Here is how the Dashboard of this plugin looks like.

AddToAny Plugin Dashboard

It offers you to add tons of Social Media Platforms, you can select it according to your need and audience.

2. Better Click To Tweet

Twitter is the best quality source of Traffic. You can integrate this plugin and let your audience tweet about your content directly from your website. This is very effective plugin for getting quality traffic from Twitter.

Also, it’s very easy to use and integrate with your existing post.

Website Analytics Plugins

Website Analytics Plugins

On a Running website, it’s really important to keep an eye on daily visitors. Website analytics is also very important to optimize the conversion rate. You can keep an eye on Website traffic sources, locations, behavior, etc.

Below, you’ll find some plugins to analyze your website’s traffic.

1. Sitekit By Google

Google SiteKit Dashboard
Monster Insights Dashboard

The site kit is a very amazing plugin launched by Google. It works really great and you can keep an eye on your website’s organic growth, traffic, and page speed. It automatically integrates with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google PageSpeed Insights.

2. Monster Insights

Monster Insights is another great plugin for analyzing your website’s traffic. It integrates with Google Analytics and gets you all the data on its Dashboard.

Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to generate some extra revenue out of your website. These plugins actually makes your affiliate marketing journey a bit easier.

1. Niche Table

Niche Table Sample

Niche Table is a great plugin for creating Comparison Table. This website also uses this plugin. You can easily customize it according to your need and get higher conversion rates. You can add images, buttons, etc to get more out of the table. Above you can see the sample of Niche Table.

2. Pretty Links

Pretty Links Plugins

Pretty Links is the Best WordPress Plugin for creating beautiful Affiliate Links. A normal affiliate looks something like, ( this looks ugly to both users and Search Engines. Pretty Links make your affiliate link look beautiful, ( name).

3. Thirsty Affiliate

It is another alternative to Pretty Links. Thirsty Affiliate also cloaks long affiliate links into short and simple affiliate links.

Plugins For Performance

Plugins For Performance

Now, we’ll talk about the plugins that help in improving the website’s performance. This category will include cache plugins that make your website load faster and improves user experience.

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket Dashboard

WP Rocket is the #1 WordPress Plugin for the Website’s Optimization. It works really great when it comes to a Cache Plugin. Although it only comes with a pro version, the price you pay for it is completely value for money.

It allows you to minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. You can also connect your CDN service to increase even more performance. It automatically compresses images, and add lazyload that makes your website load even faster.

2. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a perfect alternative to WP Rocket. Since WP Rocket is a paid plugin, you can use this plugin as a Free Alternative. It pretty much works the same as WP Rocket.

3. WP Smush

WP Smush is an image optimization plugin. It compresses the original image size. This plugin helps in improving the website’s load speed. This plugin is a must especially if your website has tons of images.

Miscellaneous Plugins

Miscellaneous Plugins

1. Advanced Ads Manager

Advanced Ads Manager is an ad inserter plugin. If your website shows display ads, then this plugin would be a complete blessing. You can insert your ad codes and it will automatically display the ads on appropriate places.

2. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL lets you encrypt SSL Certificate on your website. The SSL Certificate makes your website look more trustworthy in the eyes of the audience. You can also get FREE SSL certificates with the hosting. Here you can read about the Best WordPress Hosting.

3. Insert Header and Footer

This is another helpful plugin for your WordPress Website. Most of the time, you have to add HTML scripts to your website. This plugin lets you add different scripts in Header and Footer PHP files.

4. Redirection

Redirection helps you redirect an old URL to New URL. This is very helpful in SEO of the website. You simply have to insert the Old URL and redirect it to New URL.

5. Tablepress

Tablepress helps you create tables in your posts and pages. You can create endless tables for creating comparisons, etc. This plugin is really easy to use and integrate.

6. All in one WP Migration

All in One WP Migration is a Migration Plugin that lets you migrate your website from one host to another. It is also very easy to use, few clicks can help you in transferring the website.

7. Updraft Plus

A website failure can result you in huge losses. Just to save from such losses, it becomes really important to have a Backup Plugin. Updraft Plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for the website’s backup.

You can install this plugin and take a backup of your complete website. It offers you to store backup files in your Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, etc.

These were the most recommended and shortlisted best WordPress Plugin. You can easily install them through the steps given in the beginning.

Thanks for reading, I hope this page would have helped you in finding the best plugins for your website. If you find this post useful, then do share it with your friends.


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